a version of the 16550a uart with a 32-byte fifo. superseded by the 16750c.

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  • 16750c

    hardware a uart with a 64-byte fifo. the 16c750 is a cmos version. [is there a 16750 (with no “c” on the end)?] (2004-03-24)

  • 16c850

    hardware a version of the 16450 uart in cmos with 128-byte fifo. (2004-03-24)

  • 16gauge

    [siks-teen-geyj] /ˈsɪks tinˈgeɪdʒ/ adjective of, pertaining to, or being a size of shotgun sh-ll having a diameter of 0.662 inches (1.68 cm). of, pertaining to, or being a shotgun using such a sh-ll.

  • 16th amendment

    noun an amendment to the u.s. const-tution, ratified in 1913, authorizing congress to levy a tax on incomes.

  • 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone

    17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone 17-al·pha-hy·drox·y·pro·ges·ter·one (-āl’fə-hī-drŏk’sē-prō-jěs’tə-rōn’) n. a compound produced by the adrenal glands and often used therapeutically as a progestogen when such a steroid is needed for parenteral administration.

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