the code for accidental childbirth.
george told angel he was a 168. angel punched him in the face.
168 when spoken in chinese is “yi lieu ba” which sounds very similar to “yi lu fa” which means one road of prosperity

the number 168 is accoated with good luck and fortune also
his products are starting to sell, and he’s getting good buisness. looks like its 168 from here on.
1. literally 24×7.
2. a girl who needs constant attention no matter what the circ-mstances.
3. a real complainer, all the time, anywhere, no matter what.
john: “how was going out with what’s-her-name the other night?”
scott: “dude, please… total 168. she wouldn’t stop complaining
the golden ratio. also a random number used to signify <3. (because 1.68 really is less than 3) candyluvr: i <3 you! l0oz0r4u: well i 1.68 you!

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