16in. Softball

softball only played on the southside of chicago in which gloves are not used. a new 16in. softball made by debeers must be used. with dual 1st. bases to prevent spiking, the ball is rock hard in the begining and turns into a true “softball” at the end. for which the game of taping a $100 bill to it, setting it on top of a 6in. sch80 pipe, pounded into the ground with a half stick of tnt in said pipe after it is lit. first person to catch the ball wins the money, also will be the first person to actually catch the d-mn ball in history. played just like 12in. softball with 10 players in the field.
chicago man: yeah i would like to go bowling , but i got a 16in. softball game in grant park tonight.
tinley park man: oh i play sofball too. im in a coed 12in. league with my sister.
chicago man: i never knew you sucked c-ck.

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