the right age to start having s-x, according to chef on south park
chef: “the right time to start having s-x is 17.”
sheila: “so you mean 17 as long as you’re in love?”
chef: “nope, just 17.”
gerald: “but what if you’re not ready at 17?”
chef: “17, you’re ready.”
when you have more responsibility than at 16, but without all the fun of 18.
“how old are you?”


“dude, that sucks…”
a prime number that comes before 18 and after 16
i ate 17 peices of pizza. i dropped out of high school when i was 17. dude did you see that hot girl, she looked like she was 17
the most unlucky number. 4 is the unlucky number for j-pan, china, and korea. 13 is the unlucky number for canada, the us, and the uk.
not yet officially an adult, yet feel most of the pressures of being one. either you’re applying for college or you’re in college, have serious relationships, have a job, etc. you begin to transition from a defenseless child to one of society’s b-tches.
14 year old: omg, dude you’re 17 now! you can see r rated movies and stuff! i wish i was you.

17 year old: uh, yeah i wish i was a little kid again.
17 is something you dont understand.
i am 17. you’re not. i’ll tell you when you’re older.

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