the ultimate recurring number
just watch out for it.


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  • hills, mn

    a small town in minnesota located 5 miles from iowa and 8 miles from south dakota. it was named after a guy with the last name of hills, but is one of the flattest places in the midwest. you don’t even have hills. and you live in hills, mn!

  • budgulants

    an alternative surname for the flower that protrudes from the highly flammable cannabis plant. this also can refer to ganja found inbetween/underneath places on which you rest your hind parts for comfort. “hey stevie, watch out for those budgulants that are chillin on my bed.”

  • bud in

    bud in: to interfere, interject, or meddle, in another’s affair with the direct intention to take sides in a dispute or argument. the term is a variation of the phrase “b-tt in.” i could see that they had your back up against the wall; so i had no choice but to bud in, on your […]

  • j chill

    short for just chill hey man whats up? you wanna j chill later? yea sure, im bored as it is 1 more definition just chill “j. chill man.”

  • imam

    a teacher & prayer leader of a mosque. the word imam is an arabic work that means “leader.” depending on the usage of the word and whether or not it is written with a capital “i”, the word can hold many different meanings and connotations. an imam could also be a muslim leader of the […]

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