18 dummy

getting drunk on 1800 jose cuervo tequila. originally from federation. bay area slang.

“me and the boyz going 18 dummy in the parking lot”
getting stupid drunk on 1800 jose cuervo tequila.
“me and double dutchess were going 18 dummy in the parking lot, mayne.”
bay area slang for 1800 jose cuervo tequila, also known as 18 dummy juice.
i need some of that good 18 dummy juice.
going dumb off that 1800 or some jose cuervo- aka dummy juice
me and the cuddie went 18 dummy last night-
yay area slang for going dumb off that 1800 jose cuervo tequila
bay area remix to laffy taffy

” you stupid hyphy dummy yellow bus we in da club
i go 18 dummy go dumb go dumb i go 18 dummy go dumb go dumb”
getting extremely stupid drunk off of 1800 jose cuervo tequila, usually pertaining or related to the hyphy movement through slang, music, or more.
“d-mn yo, robby is getting h-lla 18 dummy dog.”
bay slang… it means how many people can ride on those short yellow buses.. also means goin dumb, gettin hyphy, stupid, and r-t-rded… popularized by the federation’s single “18 dummy”, hence the name.
we’re gunna go 18 dummy on your boulevard.

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