18 year old boy

irritating, arrogant male.

18 year old boys generally view themselves as being incredibly intelligent and enlightened, simply because they have p-ssed (or are close to p-ssing) high school. however, despite their perceived “success”, they still view drunken s-x as being one of life’s greatest accomplishments.

the “goals” and “ambitions” they commonly brag about are usually trivial things such as getting a driver’s license or going to the doctor without mommy, which is why they have coined the term adulting.

naturally, they get quite a shock when the accolades of high school wear thin and they are faced with the true challenges of adulthood, such as paying bills (see: quarter-life crisis). at this point, they are likely to start waving the white flag of surrender as they brag about their “depression”.

they often smugly look down upon not only their younger peers, but older, wiser individuals, when in actuality, they are the laughing stock of the adult world (if eighteen year olds could even be considered adults). some of the more idiotic 18 year old boys even get themselves entangled in serious commitments such as marriage. such idiots are the main reason the divorce rate is as high as it is.
18 year old boy: “bruhh…..”
me: “get away from me, you f-cking degenerate.”

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