take the numbers that match up with the letters and put it together.

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  • 18a hockey

    true benders. they tell people at school they are really good at hockey but when people say can i see your game they shun them off like they didnt ask the question or make something up about why they shouldnt go watch. ya i play 18a hockey i’m really good but, you shouldnt come watch […]

  • 18 and 1

    to work at something and nearly accomplish something great, before failing at the end jimmy had an ‘a’ going into the final exam, but did poorly and therefore, went 18 and 1 in the cl-ss. entemology: the patriots were undefeated going into the super bowl, but went 18 and 1 for the season. synonymous with […]

  • $18 *ss

    when the hostess has the finest -ss in the world, and the meal only cost $18 to look at it all night. steve: man, check out that $18 -ss! bob: d-mnf-ck! thats one nice -ss!

  • ederlin

    a loving and kind person like no other. “did you see ederlin? i love her”

  • flubulent

    rolls or peices of extra skin or fat that roll or move as the waves of an ocean as the person moves. melissa is so flubulent that her she looks like she’s belly dancing under her shirt while standing still.

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