the canadian drinking age. 2 years better than 21.
“heck yes i’ll have a drink, because i’m 19” (adding ‘eh’ to the end of this is, of course, optional)
the last year of ya “teens” :os
the worst age ever. nothing exciting happens when you turn 19. you’ve been a legal adult for a year, and you can’t do anything new legally for another 2 years.
“happy 19th birthday!”
“who cares? i still can’t drink for another 2 years.”
to “be 19”, or to have “gone 19” essentially means that something has gone wrong, is just plain weird, or is inexplicable. derived from stephen king’s ‘dark tower’ series. its true meaning, if anything more than a motif, has yet to be revealed.
“welcome to the 19th level of the dark tower.”

“the whole f-ck-ng world has gone 19.”
this age is a sack full of lamesauce. it’s basically like being 18 again – only older, unfortunately/obviously. enjoy 19 to its fullest though because it is your last year of being a teenybopper. don’t expect the lame/alright family (lame=family party/alright=money) birthday parties anymore, or over-the-top gifts. not from your parents, and especially not from distance relatives. maybe you’ll have better luck at christmas. all in all, you’re lucky if you receive some cash from your parents, and enjoy your last year of being a kid! once you’re 20, you’ll feel depressed that you’re no longer a teenager. but no worries! once you turn 21 you can drop your sneaky ways, legally drink, and have all the fun of when you were a teenager. even though being sneaky was the fun part. pretty much, growing up sucks. cherish every moment of your teenage years. (16-18 are the best imo)
mom: happy 19th birthday, sweetie!:):)

me: ugh. what’re we doing today?

mom: going out to eat muahehe no party and your grandparents, aunts, brothers, or cousins didn’t get you sh-t since you’re no longer 18 or younger yeah happy birthday your life h8s you but oh here’s $100 maybe you can buy like 2 things from urban outfitters cool right

me: fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu

(this may only apply to somewhat spoiled kids in small town suburbs.)
the age where you can legally buy cigarettes and other tobacco products in the state of new jersey
19 year old: yo wuttup mr indian guy can i get some bogies?
indian guy: do you have id?
19 year old: f-ck yes i do
gang ran by a n-z- namedtent with a bunch of blacks and wiggers…
1-9 reppin, homie..

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