semiautomatic .45 caliber handgun develpoed by john m. browning, and manufactured by the colt firearms company. adopted by the u.s. military in 1911, and replaced by the beretta m92f in the 80s.
i enjoy firing the colt 1911.
possibly the most popular handgun of all time. the orginal 1911 has sp-wned a countless number of clones, accessories, and ripoffs. it was (and still is) manufactured in .45 acp caliber, although there are cosmetically-indentical variants that fire in other pistol calibers. it is often critisized for it’s small magazine capacity (7), although high-capacity clones are very popular, such as the para-ordinance p14. the 1911 is known for it’s power, accuracy, and dependability. unlike a traditional hinged trigger, the 1911 utilizes a sliding trigger that pulls straight back, thus further enhancing accuracy. initially made by john browning, it was manufactured by colt for the us army until replaced by the beretta 92fs (m9) in 9mm caliber in the 80s. there is controversy over the beretta and it’s lack of power, and soldiers are known to scrounge for 1911s in iraq.
“my 1911 could kick your glock’s -ss”
the 45 calibre a1911m1 colt .45 acp. it is still in service today and is one of the greatest handguns in the history of firearms.
greatest pistol ever. totally owns but there is one downside:
low magazine capacity.
person a: my beretta owns all!
person b: can it own this? – shows colt 1911-

person a: oh. my. g-d.
simply the best gun of all time. it makes a satisfying -boom-whumph- upon pulling the trigger. and its known for knocking over targets and being just generally awesome and over powered.

it was the standard sidearm of the us military since its inception in 1911 (hense he name) and has had the best service record of any pistol ever.
is that a 1911?


can i put your d-ck in my mouth?

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