double nineteen! simple!
yo! 1919!!!

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  • 2edgy

    when a meme or a joke goes too far. 2edgy could also be considered a meme. “matt, that’s 2edgy for me.” “these bleach memes are 2edgy5me.”

  • nathan racz

    a total f-ck boy that likes it in the -ss your such a nathan racz

  • cuc*mber gentleman

    when a girl loses her virginity to a cuc-mber emily: so how did you guys first do it? was the guy hot? tori: umm… i lost my virginity with a cuc-mber. emily: he must have been a real “cuc-mber gentleman”

  • poltock

    to “poltock” is to present invalid, bullsh-t arguments in order to win a debate and/or argument. that idiot just poltock’d me!

  • bust a nut in your b*tt

    a.s-xual innuendo suggesting intercourse between two or more adults. b. the act of -j-c-l-t-ng into the -n-s. generally h-m-s-xual. a. are you gonna let me bust a nut in your b-tt or what? b. i saw felix climb in your brothers window. he must be busting nuts in his b-tt.

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