failed an exam or similar effect.
i think i just totally 192’ed that exam.
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a bus that operates between manchester and stockport in the uk, somewhat infamous for its high crime rate due to all the drunken scallys that use it, especially on the cheaper “magic bus” services.
you probably don’t want to sit upstairs on the 192 at night.
a term used by n-z-s, meaning the letters in the alphabet. 1=a 9=i 2=b. adolf is back.
dude, did you hear about 192?
uk directory enquiries. worked flawlessly, was a bit expensive but was worth the price. shut down for no reason by oftel, who never like to see one company do well on its own, and shut down by the people who want needless compet-tion. 192 followed in the footsteps of ma bell. 192 is being replaced with twelve six-digit ‘118’ numbers, the original 192 service can be found at 118 500, but it now has rivals. there are lots of p-ssy services like 118 118 and 118 888.
“dude, phone 192.”
“dude, that doesn’t exist anymore, i gotta phone one of those p-ssy companies.”
“dude, just phone 118 500, it is the original 192.”
the max number of ounces of beer you may purchase at a bottle shop in pennsylvania.
sorry you may not buy more than 192 ounces of beer.

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