total, complete awesomeness in the form of an adjective. when what you did was so friggin unbelievable that you just can’t stand it.
that was so stinking 19:52 when we stayed up all night and drank salsa mixed with c-ke!”

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  • beatle sh*ll

    f-nny flaps, camel toe i could see her beatle sh-ll from a mile off.

  • diz fiction

    someone who tells delusional lies or stories. “dude my neighbor has paul revere’s lantern that he used in the north church” “andy stop with the diz fiction already”

  • baddest of the *sses

    when just a ‘bad-ss’ isn’t enough. applicable for anything or anyone bill: yo! i’ve been to this pub close by. it’s so bad-ss. phil: yeah, i’ve been there too. it’s baddest of the -sses bro!!

  • doing a leicester

    making an impossible sporting dream possible. “it’s called: ‘doing a leicester’,” he explained. “and i’m crossing my fingers to ‘do a leicester’ at the olympics.”

  • tumblr kid

    an annoying child who thinks their life is terrible even though it is really great but they’re too stupid to know tumblr kid: you don’t know what i have to go through friend of tumblr kid:dude your being a tumblr kid

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