the years lived by a true hero and rap legend
tupac amaru shakur
r.i.p tupac

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  • phantom stranger

    when someone who has recently lost a hand or arm mimicks, or claims to feel, the act of giving himself a stranger. since ron lost his jacking hand in a horrible gardening accident he has caught himself engaging in giving himself a phantom stranger.

  • feta f*nny

    chicks with thrush… jade goodys loin area may be referred to as feta f-nny, mostly found in women who are larger than the rest. g-d love ’em.

  • grobese

    adjective used to describe a person who is grossly or grotesquely obese. d-mn! that dime bar dame’s grobese

  • pickle tickler

    noun, a tongue, lip or any other intra-oral and/or peri-oral piercing designed to increase and facilitate stimulation of the p-n-s while performing oral s-x. popular among those who identify themselves as a hoochie, wh-r-, sl-ts, cholita, juggalette, douche baggette, punk, fairy, puffer, emo, h-m-, and/or trollo. i bet that dude with a pony and pickle […]

  • groondall

    the cl-ssiest, most elegant way to pr-nounce grundle debbie was sniffing my backside so i invited her to take a closer look at my groondall.

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