– the year i was born.
– microsoft word was first released.
– mafia hitman roy demeo is found dead in a trunk of his own car.
– us president ronald reagan proclaims 1983, “the year of the bible”.
– london police begin the use of wheel clamps on illegally-parked vehicles.
– jon b. minnoch, heaviest man in usa, dies at the age of 42 years and weighing 362 kg. when he was admitted to hospital in march 1978, his weight was 635 kg.
“dude, 1983 was a good day for earth!”
the year that we hold everything standard to. we were not born then, but everything has been g-y since. not as g-y as 1983, though.
it is a versatile term that can be used in virtually every situation.
usually referred to in context of “the g-yest thing since”, as seen in the examples.
everything is constantly 1983; 1983 is more constant than time or sp-ce, as it both time and sp-ce; it has refreshing duality.
“that’s the drunkest i’ve been since 1983!”
“i haven’t seen you since 1983!”
“that’s the g-yest thing since 1983”
“there hasn’t been a black president since 1983. except for hitler, but margaret thatcher lynched that river n-gg-r”
secret code for an attractive woman. can be used with the clock system to signal to a buddy there’s an attractive unit nearby. higher and lower numbers from this can be used to farther describe attractiveness
mika: 1983
paawan: where dude
mika: my 3, far
paawan: holy sh-t that’s a 1984 dude

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