one of the best years for hip-hop music.

a few notable releases:

-jay-z: “reasonable doubt”

-ugk: “ridin’ dirty,”

-2pac: “all eyez on me”

-nas: “it was written”

-outkast: “atliens”

-a tribe called quest: “beats, rhymes and life”

-the roots: “illadelph halflife”

-westside connection: “bow down”

-snoop dogg: “the doggfather”

-mobb deep: “h-ll on earth”

-kool keith: “dr. octagonecoligist”

-the fugees: “the score”
“‘1996 and forever; rock-a-block, rocafella.” -jay-z
the coooooolest year ever!!!!! a lot of people were born in this year, which, did i say. was cool? year of the rat in chinese astrology.
yea, i’m so cool, i was born in 1996.

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