19delta, cavalry scout, an army mos of rough and tough, highly trained soldiers trained to operate behind enemy lines as the eyes and ears of the commander.

they are trained in the skills of raiding, suppress and flank maneuvers as well as forward observers for indirect fire. they are a mix of infantry and tanker, able to commandeer, maintain and effectively use strykers, mraps, humvees and the bradley fighting vehicle, they are also more than proficient in fighting on foot. they are trained to dis-ssemble, maintain and effectively use every weapon in the army’s -rs-nal, such as but not limited to: the mk 19, m-16/m-4, m203, m240b, m249 saw, .50 caliber m2, 25mm bradley chaingun, and at-4 rocket launchers.

known, for their c-cky att-tude and pride in the traditions of the cavalry. they are authorized to wear stetsons, gold combat spurs or silver spurs with their cl-ss a uniforms. they are known to have rivalries with other moss such as 11b infantry and 13f forward observers, but their main rivalry is with their fellow cavalry 19k tankers.
19d, cavalry scout. a highly trained, highly motivated, c-cky, arrogant, tough, pting son of a b-tch with a natural talent in all types of warfare. often the point of jealousy for all pogue moss.

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