1D family

a huge family on twitter who worship a boy band called one direction (1d) they greet eachother with the term ‘vas happenin’ and can trend one direction related topics worldwide in less than an hour if they wanted. watch out, because if you diss 1d or the family, you will be hated on. they rule twitter and will trick you all the time on omegle by using the term ‘carrots, turtles or vas happenin?’ there’s many more…
oh btw… they hate ijever! 🙂
#1dfamily on twitter. look it up. ‘dont mess with the 1d family’
the name given to fans of the boyband one direction. the 1d family are most often -ssociated with the site twitter, and are said to ‘own’ it because of the extreme amount of fans there. it us usually considered that the 1d family are rival’s to ‘tw family’ who also try to claim they own it. the point that the 1d family own twitter however, is proven by the fact that on twitter, one direction’s accounts are verified, meaning twitter has said it is definetly them, and tw’s (the wanted) accounts aren’t.
ijever: why like ‘wand erection’, they’re all gay..
fan 1: its one direction.
fan 2:because they are gorgeous.
fan 3:cos they are amazing singers
fan 4:they aren’t gay, they have all had or have girlfriends..
fan 5:why like you, you sing about being a fish you idiot.
fan 6:your gonna regret saying bad stuff about them mate, cos us fans dont forget.

– about 30,000 more fans-

-ijever melts-
1d family: dont mess with us, cos you will regret it.
a huge group of fans that love every member of a s-xy british/irish boy band called one direction. they are the most dedicated and hardcore fans and can trend things on twitter in minutes.famous for talking about carrots or greeting each other with the term ‘vas happenin’
but out of all the fans tumblr ones are the best ans most supportive. these particular fans are known for their h-rny behavior and becoming very s-xually frustrated by the boys. plus the boys love them the most.
hey look at that one direction fan talking about carrots
no that’s got to be a tumblr fan from the 1d family. they are saying that the carrot is louis’ p-n-s.

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