giving 100 percent of your loyalty, respect, and love to another ; being honest and keeping it real.

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  • brasion

    cut or slice i have a brasion on my hand.

  • bread on the door frame

    an idiom one can use in occurrences of failed penetration. the bread being a p-n-s and the door frame being a v-g-n- (or -n-s). a: “so how was your date with john?” b: “bread on the door frame…” a: “aww sh-t” c: “so, are you feeling anything?” d: “nope, seems like there’s bread on the […]

  • briiz

    a beautiful, smart girl, with a very unique name. she’s kinda crazy but everyone loves her. she has enemy’s but she will distort them with her amazing mind power. wow that girl looks so much like a briiz, she is beautiful today.

  • bullsh*tter's remorse

    what happens when you tell an outrageous, disgraceful, self serving yet strangely believable lie. treatments can include prescription drugs, seven to nine days off work, a hospital stay and the digging of a large hole. georgette: hey, where’s ryan? lina: he’s gotta stay home for like two weeks or something georgette: two weeks?! why? lina: […]

  • b*tthole narnia

    is when you get f-ck-d up the -ss so much it gets so big you can walk to narnia through it! elias has some serious b-tth-l- narnia

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