being 100% real at all times, regardless of how people feel. staying true to your word and being more than just 100.
boy 1 : aye didn’t you used to date her?
boy 2: nah, i don’t know who that is.
boy 1: come on bro keep it 1k, you used to be in love with that girl.
the term 1k or any number w/ a “k” in it started way back from online games. the “k” is a short replacement for “thousand”. for some instances , if you double the use of “k” in a number like “1kk” , it means raise the default value by a thousand which is 1 million (or 1m) in short.
player a : i am selling a -random rare item- , also a -random rare weapon- pm me if interested.
player b : how much is one for the item ?
player a : 1k each.
player b : how bout the weapon ?
player : 1kk (or 1m); negotiable.
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a way of showing that someone on mysp-ce has 1,000 friends.
often wrote at the end of a name for mysp-ce popularity.
ex. – this can be shown as 42k or 42,000 friends.
cole – did you see mattmurder on mysp-ce?
janelle – yeah, he only has 1k! what a loser!
cole – i know right?
janelle – obviously… i have like… 39k.
#mysp-ce #mysp-ce wh-r- #w4w #wh-r- #popularity

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