goofs that like to suck on jeep drivers pant antlers
1puglife.com i want to suck on that pant antler

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  • ain't lady less she over 280

    it’s a chubby chaser’s way of saying unless she’s 280 she ain’t their type of girl feller: what do you think of big girls? guy: well she ain’t lady less she over 280

  • slicked-back-grease-cat

    one who is greasy, dirty, and has hair wet looking in appearance girl your hair is greasy looking like a slicked-back-grease-cat

  • tree thong

    a thong made for men with d-ck the size of large trees. dude, jacob had a tree thong on last night!

  • dirty nasty low

    when you lower your car extreamly to where it scr-pes the floor hey mike your car is dirty nasty low

  • ubernization

    the process where uber, the company penetrated a region. after ubernization occured in my hometown, people were able to travel to places easier, without being scammed by taxi drivers who refused to provide metered service.

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