oh sh-t someone actually took the time to do this .

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  • heteros*xual exception

    a heteros-xual exception occurs when you are h-m-s-xual (not bi) and you have a s-xual attraction to someone of the opposite gender yet are still h-m-s-xual and this is the only person of the opposite s-x you find appealing as such. tobias: omg. i have a total heteros-xual exception towards rachel! mike: really?!

  • david with kiely

    david is a bad-ss mothaf-cker that is very introverted. he is tall and handsome. kiely is very extroverted. she is nice, honest, humble, sweet, and very s-xy. together they make the perfect pair. where one seems to lack in an area the other picks up. kiely does not judge anyone for anything. both are problem […]

  • sustopus

    an octopus emoji used when a situation is so sus, there aren’t any words to describe it. 🐙 person 1: hey you wanna try my new dessert? it’s called a chocolate starfish. person 2: 🐙 (sustopus)

  • corday

    the realist name for a white girl tbh. d-mn, corday is sure looking fine today with her fat -ss! -sshole corday is an -sshole

  • hareyking

    a fat b-tch hareyking is a fatty

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