the true sign of boredom. people only type this after exhausting all other options. for example qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp.
i’m so bored that i have to do something i thought i’d never do: (types 1!qqaazz2@wwssxx3#eeddcc4$rrffvv5%ttggbb6^yyhhnn7&uujjmm8-iikk,<9(ooll.>0)pp;:/?-_{‘”=+}\| in and is astounded to find a definition.)

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  • weiner pot

    a pot use by early indigenous people of northern china to cook the male genitalia of fallen enemies. eating such a very popular meal in china at the time would bring good like unail yeah of the boar. if we are going to use the new weiner pot we should at least clean it first […]

  • petke

    a very good math teacher dude, have you heard of the legendary math teacher???? you mean mr. petke

  • barbecue chicken

    when they put a slow guy on you in basketball. it is so easy to blow by him that you could eat a plate of bbq chicken before he catches up. this term was popularized by shaq. “who is guarding me???” -me “the big guy” -teammate “barbecue chicken”

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    one who wants to bomb as many churches and tourist attractions on christmas with the aim of causing the highest civilian casualty. church leaders are warning their local members who are attending christmas services to look out for any suspicious-looking visitors who may be potential terrochrists.

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    -ssholes with nothing better to do and keep putting their dumb anger to someone else…. paul: do you like people compert: no, they all are f-cking jack-ss paul: f-ck all humans and rude people a rude person is an organism notable for acting before thinking, troubled minds, and a filthy vocabulary. they closely resemble h-m- […]

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