a demigod amongst mortals, 1st cl-ssmen are the rulers of their domain. with an -ssigned rat as their scribe and pupil, these fearsome men and women are untouchable to all but the commandant’s staff. some chose to go to the dark side and join the ever terrifying rdc, but some purified themselves and became the oga, cea, and chaplains. the bulk of their ranks are comprised of first cl-ss privates, these 1sts are the most laid back people in the corps and ultimately they make vmi run properly. the officers of the 1st cl-ss are the most disciplined cadets of the corps, but other than parade and ceremony they have little control over anything due to the overarching control of the commandant’s staff.
3rd: “stop rat. strain harder”

rat: -straining intensifies-

3rd: -incoherent b-tching at rat-

1st: “rat stop straining, get your chin in third. no one strains my rat like that except for me, you got that? now go back to eating your sh-t and be gone.”

3rd: -scurries away-
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expression usually given by brainless idiots to indicate ‘first’

usually in the conext of first comment, or 1st place, etc.

usually it is used singularly

dude, grow up

i stil got 1st f-g!

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