a person who may be your friend but makes the decision to turn and talk about you behind you back. you may think they are your friends but you find out they had been talking about you. it is never good things it is negative thing that get spoken about you.

jennifer: hi lauren have you seen lucy around lately?
lauren: no. i though you weren’t her friend.
jennifer: no, what made you think that?
lauren: she told me she didnt like you and your annoying and loads of other mean stuff
jennifer: what?!
lauren: yeah. shes 2-faced.
a person who is a backstabber, a person who talks about people behind ther back and then turns right around and is there friend, etc.
sarah: janae was talking about you just a second ago.
lisa: but i thought she was my friend.
sarah: yea, she is really 2-faced.
a generally nasty term to describe someone who is nice to a person, perhaps a friend and then gives them abuse without that person knowing. can often also be known as “back stabbing” most often done by girls.

hooker: “your good at this” 😉
jason: “thanks, it’s my first time”

-the next day-

bob: “so how am i doing?”
hooker: “better than the last guy anyway, he was terrible”

-later that day-
jason: “hey bob, how was that girl i told you about.”
bob: “she was good, said you wer terrible though”
jason: “what! she’s so 2 faced”

old woman 1: “oh your table cloth is so lovely.” 😮
old woman 2: “yeah its my grandmothers. :$ family heirloom.”

old woman 1: “did you see old woman 2’s table cloth? disgusting.”
old man: “yeah.. who even likes old woman 2?”

when you talk sh-t behind someone’s back thenm you they friend in they face
why she actin all 2faced she was just talking mad smack about him yesterday
someone who has 2 faces.
someone who pretends to be your friend and then does everything to make your life a living h-ll.
everyone who says what they think to koe.
also,everyone who tells a girl she’s pretty when she’s ugly,thats also being a hypocrit and 2 faced.
random french person: f-ck off, when you talk with someone, im not ur friends who got 15 or 14 years old ya know? u can talk with my litle bro, dont talk with me. don’t be 2 faced.
someone who is on a person’s side one minute, and then takes someone elses side.
elexia is a 2-faced girl, she was supposed to be my friend.
someone who acts different to someone around different people
you see bradley robbins he a f-ck-ng 2 faced b-tch
a person who is phony or fake towards her/his fellow peers.
yeah lil d is a stupid -ss d-ck suckin -ss 2-faced p-ssy -ss b-tch

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