2 for 1 deal

a man with a p-n-s(circ-mcised), first inserts his thang into some chicken(see chicken def 88). once chicken has been gotten. wait a few months and call that chicken up and get that chicken. since you nutted in that chicken she done got pregnant. now you slip yo d-ck into her chicken and continue penetrating until you reach the baby’s v-g-n-(if said infant/fetus is a girl) or -n-s(if prefered and/or male). you just got 2 chickens at the same time b-tch. this process is the act of getting that 2for1 deal.
cory: hey man remember that f-cking b-tch i nutted in july?
brian: yeah dude that was good chicken eh?
cory: word. thing is, she calls my d-ck up and i got it again.
brian: radical.
cory: yeah. she was pregnant. got that 2 for 1 deal nigg!
brian: suprem-o!
kris: wahhhh, im a baby!
when you got the girl or guy you wanted but you also got their sibling or friend as well.
floyd: so i’ve got mich-lle, but i’ve also got her sister natalia as well.
tony: that’s an awesome 2 for 1 deal, bro.

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