2 incher

a 2 incher is a super- small p-n-s, and can be considered a microp-n-s. it is very uncommon to have a 2 incher. the only upside to having a 2 incher is that it s-xually functions like any other c-ck, except smaller.
daniel “joe’s 2 incher is disgusting”

joe “stop your lies, its 6.8 inches”

daniel “we all know your lying joe, you have a 2 incher and it looks fugly.”

joe “you’re right. well at least it gets the job done!”
usually the “term” for an asian males genitals. rumors are that males from the asian heritage, are not well endowed in thier pants.
johnny: yo , i was taking a shower in gym
and i saw yangs 2 incher

mike: omgz me too!
having a p-n-s that measures two inches

girls are usually turned off after hearing such news.
rob ” man, what did you do to get out of f-cking that fat chick last night?”

calvin ” i told her i got a 2-incher”
a name for one of your buddys that has a 2 inch d-ck. and loves to rest it on a beer pong table. the d-ck is only 2 inches long.
“dude look grant has his 2 incher resting on the beer pong table. wtf dude!!!!

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