2 piece

punching a b-tch with your fist first and then hitting him with your elbow, all in one swing.
d-mn! that n-gg- just got 2 pieced!
a succession of punches limited to 2, which usually results in the opposing party falling to the floor.
chris h-t ’em with the ill 2 piece and knocked ’em out cold.
the worst noob combo ever in gears of war 2. it is when you beatdown and shoot with the shotgun. hopefully this will be fixed someday becuase it f-cked up the game.
omg i got 2 pieced like 20 times in one game.

i know i want to find out where they live and kill them.
a term used to express how hot a girl is. two piece is a girl that is so hot that you’d want to rip her into 2 pieces. this term can be used up to 8 pieces max but even a 4 piece is really rare so don’t jump into calling a girl 4 piece so fast.
joey: dude check out that 2 piece!
chandler: where??
joey: over there
chandler: d-mn! she could even be a 4 piece.
a type of hit when someone tries u
dat git keep tryin me im bout to hit him wit a 2 piece
when you -n-ly f-ck a women and just before you c-m in her -ss you punch or slap her -ss. (inspired by the move from gow 2)
guy 1- ah, dude i 2pieced my girl last night in bed.
guy 2- that’s f-cking legit.
is what call it when yo n-gg- got a b-tch for him and u
hey yo my n-gg- call up a 2 piece

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