the beginning of the sh-ttiest most horrific era in history
look up any year in the 21 century on this website and it will say something negative about it. then look up a year in the 80’s or 90’s on this website and it will say something positive. the year 2000 was the beginning of an era that was so bad and even worse n-body knew that it would even be this bad
the year that almost everybody thought the world was going to end and all the computers would crash. but, of cource, none of this happened.
it’s almost 2000, quick buy some spam, beans, and a shotgun!
a decade where

movies are just sequels, remakes, and superhero type junk, but we do have some pretty decent stuff in the late 2000s.

the internet has turned into a haven for teenagers and young adults with web 2.0

anime is everywhere on the internet

people are not happy of what they got..they are spoiled rotten.

rip-offs of previous decades in music and fashion. everything from the 1930s-1990s, but with emphasis on 60s, 70s, and 80s.

the rise of emo and crunk/glam/dirty south rap

indie freaks and scene kids all over the place…thank you mysp-ce and purevolume

clothes are basically a label on everything and you pay $90 for some jeans with holes in them.

it is cool to be a nerd with the geeky gl-sses and video games are awesome.

everything is technology…no wonder why it is in demand. to make software for 16 year old girls to “play” with their iphone.

disney pop and hannah montana all over the place.

to sum things up, the 2000s is a decade where everything is based on technology and spending money, causing the economy to go to h-ll. then it is based on being hipster and retro because we can’t afford or too lazy to think of something original and innovative.
2000s are boring. i think the 2010s will be a lot more original and interesting. the only thing that is “new” with the 2000s is the technology.
the death of the 1990’s =(.

also the year everyone went out and blew tons of cash on generators in suspicion of the world ending… idiots (in reference to same idiots of 6/6/2006 and future idiots of 12/21/2012).
apocalyptic idiot: dude man, i coulda swore we were all goners when we hit the year 2000! it’s definitely comin’ in 2012…

me: you’re a moron. i’ve got your apocalypse right here in my fists… viva la 90’s!
the decade when everyone ran out of ideas…

see: postmodernism/postmodernity
in the 2000s, no new school of thought, art, or music was invented.
the first and (so far) worst decade of the 21st century. from really bad events like the election of george bush to 9/11 to iraq war to bad economy. the decade of overly commercialized junk from music to clothes, where an ipod that costs 20 dollars to make is sold for ten times the price and jeans with holes in them cost more than a week’s worth of minimum wage. the decade that mtv went from a good music video channel to a utter promoter of degenerating sh-t culture of hop hip and reality tv shows, which lead to stupid white kids dressing up and acting like “gangstas” and trying to sing like bad singers like snoop dog and soulja boy. the decade where nickelodeon stopped airing cl-ssy channels like kenan and kel and rockos modern life to airing r-t-rded shows like icarly, spongebob, and trujackson. the decade of hannah montana and miley cyrus and other sl-t culture disney promotes. the decade were tiger wood’s affairs are more important than the war in afghanistan, especially when the president sent another surge of troops. the decade of very few good films where everything else is a bad remake, adaptation, sequel, parody, or super hero. politics turned into a total joke. kids are glued to their computers and ps3s or xbox 360s while the swings and slides in the park rust day after day. the decade of ugly tight jeans and tight sweaters.
the 2000s suck so much the the 1970s seem like a better decade.
basically the 1990s, but more commercialized, with much better technology and more conflict.

the decade of the hipster, indie rock, veganism, g-y acceptance, and going “green”.

the decade of the reality show, cr-ppy television, the death of mtv, and the rise of emo.

the decade of constant crisis, which led to the evolution of the 24-hour news network.

the decade when we all realized that our entire lives depended on the internet.

(alt) the b-st-rd child of 1980s fashion and 1990s ideas
2000s- let’s take all that’s great from the 90s, commercialize it, and market it to everyone!
the first year of the new millennium and the beginning of the 2000s.

basically just the 1990s and the last good, stable year.

george bush had no power yet, the twin towers were still standing, 2d graphics were still accepted, etc.

the y2k problem was finally over and practically no computers crashed.
2000 is the year we thought that computers would crash but it didn’t.

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