the year in which cars will start being produced in 2005 editions.
introducing the new 2005 ford windstar, available may 2004
still no flying cars. we have to settle for segways instead…
in 2012 the internet will end the world.
the year that outkast will be able to ride out as stated in wheelz of steel
we won’t be able to ride out till two thousand fo’
the year bart simpson’s fight agenda has an opening.
sorry, my fight agenda’s booked up until 2004.-bart simpson,bart simpson’s guide to life, published in 1993.
a really, really sh-tty year. this is the year that brought us:
-janet jackson’s t-t
-the p-ssion of the christ
-martha stewart getting arrested
-florida getting pounded by 4(i think) hurricanes
-a presidential election between john kerry (giant doush), who n-body could understand, and george w. bush (t-rd sandwich), who was full of sh-t.
-the nba brawl
i’m looking forward to 2005, 2004 really sucked.
the year wen god finally let the red sox win.
red sox are the 2004 world champions
two-thousand and four. the new year.
another year towards death, celebrated with fireworks.

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