2012 steve

the phrase used to describe a guy who has a girlfriend and refuses to hangout or acknowledge his guy friends because his head is so far up her -ss
“hey ,have you heard from michael bolton lately? “no he’s being a 2012 steve”

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  • chip b*tch

    that one b-tch that always gets the chips for you hey! get my chips your my new chip b-tch.

  • tummy taco

    noun: act of masterbating in ones tummy as if the rolls were a delicious mexican treat. dale’s girlfriend wouldn’t put out on tuesday, therefore he enjoyed a satisfying tummy taco

  • faffle

    to make a m-ssive situation out of something why are you making a huge faffle about me going out with my mates? incredibly attractive and nice female pace asked if tiffany would be his baby faffle cakes. (she said yes)

  • ifsaehm

    literally just an acronym meaning “i feel so alone and empty, help me.” usually said with excitement to add irony to the meaning. a great way of saying how you feel internally without anyone worrying. dude who is clearly drunk, high, turning up or all 3: ifsaehm m-th-f-ckas

  • figgithorn

    when a straight heteros-xual male makes h-m-s-xual remarks to a h-m-s-xual. hey quincy, you got a nice bulge there. dude, you are a total figgithorn.

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