2016 disease

a disease acquired by being alive to witness 2016 and all of its horrors.

symptoms that are included, but aren’t limited to:
-lack of motivation


-a loss of faith in humanity
-the desire to partic-p-te in irritating memes/trends (dabbing,bottle toss, manikin challenge)
-complaining about how bad this year was
-and of course feeling way too sensitive and more of offended by anything that isn’t politically correct
me: when’s 2016 gonna be over…it was the worst…i got nothing done…bla bla bla
other person: wtf are you talking about it ended, it’s been 2017 for like a month now
me: i’m sorry, i still have 2016 disease for some reason
other person: -puts hand on my shoulder – i know man it’s tough, but you can get through this, trust me i did and you will too
me: if you say so.

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