2016 emo

likes tøp, fob, and most grunge alt. rock from the 90’s and 2000’s. has a fringe and either black or non natural hair color. a lot of piercings. either is g-y/lesbian/” figured it out yet” or an abusive straight relationship. watches an excessive amount of dan and phil/markiplier/cryotic/jacksepticeye/pewdiepie. also religiously contributes to fandoms of the people listed above or television shows such as supernatural and american horror story. very non athletic. probably middle to low cl-ss. cuts themselves for reasons unknown. i guess n-body understands them and that’s how they shall be until 2017 emo comes out.
tara and lucy were best friends in middle school. lucy moved away to california. tara was left without any friends for high school because she outspokenly hated them thinking she would be just fine with lucy. all things went awry ,and at her high school the next year she became 2016 emo.

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