someone caught in every modern trend and just goes with the majority opinion all the time.
“omg that is sooo last year”
“ugh they are such a 2016er”

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  • ho hum mother f*cker

    typically a co-worker with no innovation while carrying out their tasks. someone happy with the status quo with no thoughts about how to improve. “how was greg’s presentation?” “how do you think? that ho hum mother f-cker hasn’t changed it in years!”

  • ersa

    a charming full moon look how beautiful the ersa is

  • mrs pinson

    a b-tchy teacher who is a hoe bag. your so mrs.pinson

  • sp*rs*ly

    in a thinly dispersed manner; in small numbers. a sp-rs-ly populated region

  • lil c*ck

    someones son d-ck that is on 5 inches or less you have a lil c-ck

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