a rock–ss h-t from azelia banks ft. lazy jay
yo that song 212 was lit, fam!
new york city area code
my number is 212-…
-new york city area code
-the number of degrees fahrenheit it takes to boil water.
if eminem was from nyc, it’d be “now everybody from the 212, put ya m-th-f-ckin hands up and do what i do!!”
used to call someone to privately speak with them.
(made famous by jim jones “emotionless” intro.)
yo lemme 212 with you real quick.

a street term, usually used by jim jones, meaning to go & speak with someone in the streets about certain things going on in the community.
“yo, i’m bout to go 2-12 wit’ them boys real quick, hold up”
212 was the original area code established for manhattan in 1947. the 212s is a now dated term of condescension and gentile wasp anti-jewish bigotry used to discreetly refer to and mock affluent new york city jews such wasps encountered in business, politics and some social situations.
i suppose the election of micheal bloomberg as mayor of new york city shows that the 212s still pretty much run things there, doesn’t it, my dear.
an adjective to describe a situation, location, and/or person that possesses an inherently chill nature, as well as a force field that guards against drama, anxiety, and all that is uncool.

antonym: “the hills”

“will lindsey lohan be there?”
“um, eff no. this party is 212 only.”

“single male seeking 212 female who is dtf.”

blood love
212 ma n-gg-, stay red up

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