21:37 – 01:46

in the hours of 21:37 through 01:46, a partic-p-nt, or a group of partic-p-nts, are put into the feels. this phenomenon is also known as “sad nibba hours”. during these hours, the partic-p-nts are contemplating the meaning of life. in order fully define 21:37 – 01:46, one must have “feels” or “sad times” playlist playing the background. this usually occurs when ones life is rough and is currently heading down hill.
as the clock strikes 21:37, christina, viet, and timmy, knew what was about to happen all the way till 01:36. together, they all said at once, “may the sad nibba hours begin.” p.s. sad nibba hours last from 21:37 – 01:46

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