22 savage

when someone just wants to get really lit and sh-t on every other person in the room.
“yo, you trying to get 22 savage tonight?? “

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  • canned up

    when someone gets h-t so hard, they drop where they stand without folding. “d-mn joe, did you see gray fight that guy? he got canned up!”

  • plumpftable

    a plump or larger person who gives zero f-cks about their weight. harley was plumpftable with her own weight.

  • he means well

    the person who tells you that their friend means well wants you to ignore the evidence of your own experience and accept what they’re saying about their friend’s secret intentions on faith. they want you to ignore the long list of sh-tty things he’s done and said to you over the years, things which would […]

  • wencel

    the human form of a weasel. known as someone who is rude, savage and does not know how to respect. born in 1998. considered an insult or offensive. oh, you’re such a wencel.

  • bung toguer

    when a man puts his tongue in r-ct-m until you climax. jen: how was your date, get any action. gabby: he’s a bung toguer jen: a what? gabby: he made me cut without touching my wet box, just pushed his tongue up my -ss.

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