another name for corrections officers/jail officers/jail deputies/deputies.

a ‘code’ announced when an officer is seen approaching a cell block, or is walking the range for inspection.


230 on the range!

yo, 230!
used to describe how you or someone else feels when very drunk.

derived from the saying “screwed as a shrew at half past two”.
man1: “how are you feeling drunk boy?”
drunk boy: “whaaa aaaaarre yyyyooouu lookin aat?” *wobbles*
man1: “man, you are 230”
drunk boy “immm not 230 im big boned”
a term for an extremely s-xy female -ss! especially when it sits in yoga pants or jean shorts.

originated when 2 teenage boys were pointing out some hot girls at a festival “dude check out that -ss at 2:30″… the -ss was so hot that the boys used “230” as a code word for a hot girl’s -ss.
230 blue shorts at 6 o’clock

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