moral of the story: sh-tposting ftw
2dfam likes moral of the story: sh-tposting ftw

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  • squat apple

    when you do a squat and sh-t yourself, that shirt is a squat apple i heard that taegen made a squat apple in gym last week.

  • cherize

    a cool weird girl whoes not afraid to show her true colours we need a cherize

  • aizek

    a gamer.is always playing a video game and texting friends.usually has brown hair and eyes.not very popular but he is fun to be with and very funny. aizek is soooooo funny.

  • zamiah

    amazing in every way, adorable, good luck, flirtatious, smart,and surprisingly adventurous( tough too) the best thing in this world and if you have a girlfriend named zamiah just know she will be the best girlfriend you ever had. ” this is zamiah i never won something like this”

  • boring meeting

    when the most interesting things are me, myself and i or a “don’t get molested” video. this is a boring meeting.

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