too lit to function (2lit2function)
man, he is 2l2f at this party right now!

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  • pifty

    an -sshole, usally -ssociated with men/women with huge -ss holes, so big it gives evidence of hard -n-l. ‘ man she’s a pifty’

  • vrushang

    a guy with a sad life that will never get girls you see him? yeah thats vrushang lol what a loner!

  • lemont high school

    a school in a sh-tty town that is full of weirdo emo g-y sh-ts, sl-tty rich b-tches, jocks too f-cking scared to say they’re g-y, p-ssy -ss wipes, and a bunch of other boring rich c-nts 1: where did you go to high school ? 2: lemont high school 1: … 2: … 1: ….c-nt […]

  • funuckered

    meaning absolutely dead on your feet. more than tired, more than exhausted and more than knackered/shattered. another way of saying (f-cking knackered) i am absolutely funuckered today. my body won’t function.

  • absoloute b*lls

    when somethings sh-t that bike is absoloute b-lls

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