big mistake
you just committed a 3.61, what the h-ll man!

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  • jeebee

    a savage motherf-cker who eats more p-ssy than you. dude you’re such a jeebee

  • psum

    an individual who can’t do anything right. “he messes up everything he does. he’s such a psum.”

  • crumpestated

    adj. > an unpleasing taste or smell. this steak was very crumpestated disgusting rancid bad rotted

  • hi ditching

    the lowest of the lowest move in texting. when someone says hi in a conversation only to leave the conversation. these low cl-ss sc-ms can be referred to as dingbats. todd: hey what’s up!? kennedy: hi todd: what’s going on! todd: h-llo? todd: screw you you d-mn hi ditching hi ditcher. you’re such a dingbat.

  • gr*sst*rd

    when you go to the bathroom and take a sh-t and its green i just had a gr-sst-rd

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