3 in 1 or SSS

to suck a d-ck or p-ssy swallow it and then spit it in the mouth of any person (any gender)
these gays were having 3 in 1 or sss with each other

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  • downtown tugboat

    when you reach into a random man’s pants and begin to give him a hand job while being on a boat. look over there johny, that man is giving him a downtown tugboat!

  • line up the flex

    to line up the flex is to consistently stunt on haters consecutively without remorse. i bought everything in ralph lauren , you know i had to line up the flex.

  • old~fashioned phone

    back in the 60’s, phones were only available in black & desktop style; no b-ttons but had to be manually dialed. when i was a kid, we had an old~fashioned phone & we were quite content with it. some dial phones are still in use today.

  • charles and imani

    charles and imani are a special couple they stick with each other no matter what. they dont care wat people say about them. they stay with each other till the end. a s-xy man/boy with a s-xy women/girl charles and imani is the best couple ever

  • fluffinuse

    literally a response to anything. girl: hey, what’s up? boy: fluffinuse. and you?

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