30 bomb

getting 30 deaths in csgo in one comp.
hey zack i bet you don’t get a 30 bomb. -dies 30 times-
a 30 bomb is a case of 30 beers-most commonly located in pullman, washington-home of the washington stat cougars. most commonly, a 30 bomb will be that of busch light (pullman water), but is also available in other favorites such as keystone light or key ice.
“how many 30 bombs should we pick up for tonight?”
“how about just 2 since it is only wednesday-i need a few homework beers”
a 30-pack of busch or busch light beer commonly found in the dormitories or apartments at washington state universities. a 30-bomb can go on sale for as low as 10 dollars and 99 cents.
jessie, will you go pick us up two more 30-bombs for friday night?

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