30 Rock

one of the greatest shows of the 21st century. starring and written by tina fey, and includes many wonderful and hilarious actors, many of whom were on sat-rday night live at one point or another. its main purpose was to give a little insight into working behind the scenes at snl, hence the name 30 rock (short for 30 rockefeller plaza, snl studios). the show follows liz lemon, a woman whose personal life is falling apart. she is the head writer of tgs with tracy jordan, played by tracy morgan. liz tries to “have it all” while simultaneously dealing with crazy actors, co-workers who will do everything in their power to not work, and a boss/mentor with an array of his own issues, and hilariously innocent nbc pages. it ran from 2005-2012 and had 7 seasons and now has a bit of a cult following. in my humble opinion, it is one of the greatest shows ever made.
“never go with a hippie to a second location” -jack donaghy, 30 rock
an american television show starring tina fey, tracy morgan and alec baldwin. known to sometimes make you laugh so hard that a little pee comes out.
“did you see 30 rock last night? that sh-t is a riot!”

“yeah, i didn’t get it. there was no laugh track.”
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