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can you define it?

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  • s*xy meatball

    someone who is relatively chunky/fat who likes to dance d-mn did you see layla last night? she was such a s-xy meatball!

  • human twinkie

    the act of c-mming into someone’s -ss during -n-l intercourse. similar to the way a twinkie is filled with cream. person 1: “i was pounding this b-tch last night, i gave made her a human twinkie!” person 2: “gross.”

  • the letter 5

    the letter 5 i5 my favourite letter ever in the whole world 5o 5ome people think that 5 i5 s but it i5 not 5 i5 much better the letter 5: i5 my 5oup ready

  • what you banging

    where you from ayyy, what you banging dahhg? i’m banging west valley actives, dahhg.

  • eguonor

    eguonor means love. an introvert, lover of music and a model figure. a fun lover, loves the good things of life but is not vain. an independent young woman, a goal getter, intelligent and spectacular. a kind of rear specie with her nature. she don’t fall in love because she’s love her self. but when […]

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