a) the sum to the beautiful numerical pattern: 10² + 11² + 12² = 13² + 14².
b) a number that yields a palindrome in bases 2 and 8: 101101101₂ and 555₈.
in his painting ent-tled “a difficult -ssignment,” the russian artist nikolai petrovich belsky (1868–1945) depicted a group of students around a chalkboard, who were trying to figure out the answer to the expression (10² + 11² + 12² + 13² + 14²) ÷ 365.
how many days in a year. when you say something is 365, it happens every year, or more commonly, all the time. equal to 24/7.
kristie acts stupid 365.
incredibly awesome, raw, insane, out of sight; etc.
that ray cash alb-m is 365, it goes stupid hard.

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