a website targeted for 3ds fans, and that is extremely outdated. it’s owned by admins robdeprop and someluigi, which both don’t give a sh-t about the site. the community manager, nodepoint, is known to many as a dictator who can’t seem to mod anyone who are actually worthy of the job. a bunch of morons get online on a daily basis, and there is constantly drama in the chat. if that isn’t the case, it’s usually dead or a boring conversation is going on. most users get offended easily, and they start having a public meltdown in the chat, claiming, “i’m never coming back, i hate this chat and this website” and other sh-t yet come back the next day. the site is constantly down because it’s either being (d)dosed or the cr-ppy server the site was moved to is just acting up. join at your own risk, it truly is a nightmare there.
some random dude: “lol u want to join 3dsplaza”

his friend: “no way, man. i don’t want to be exposed to stupid users, thanks.”

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