a female that is willing to take a c-ck in her mouth, p-ssy, or -ss.
my girl is a 3holer – she let’s me f-ck her mouth, p-ssy, and -ss!

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  • dwoff

    someone who sucks toes did you hear? abigail is a dwoff!

  • pufferfisher

    a saying when you are mad or frustrated, “”someone just towed your car! “oh pufferfisher!”

  • budder aaron

    minecraft superstar. created the word budder. wow look at that guy! he might as well be budder aaron!

  • shweat wipe

    the act of wiping ones inexplicably sh-tty -rs- without having actually p-ssed a stool. “man, you would not have believed that was just a shweat wipe, i saw sweetcorn!”

  • scallison

    scallison is the fan-fictional blend that refers to a relationship between the characters scott and allison off the mtv show called teen wolf scott + allison = scallison girl 1: hey do you know what scott and allison’s ship name is? girl 2: it’s scallison everyone knows that

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