4 man

when a guy sticks his hand between a girls legs from the back, and sticks his thumb in her finger and the rest in her p-ssy.
i 4 manned your girl last night.

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    when you are at a social gathering under the influence preying on innocent woman like a snake would do its prey hey look,shanes night snaking!

  • cheese chiu

    a strong independent woman who likes to leave nadeems behind. qualities: 1. can make a sandwich 2.can leave you 3. strong and independent 4.woman d-mn, nadeem sure misses his cheese chiu!

  • girlstink

    aromas that cling to the person that has been in the physical presence of girls i could tell by the girlstink he was out with them.

  • itzalldrama

    1.a wh-r- who tries to dox people. 2.a geek who has no life and m-st-rb-t-s to computer parts 3.only girl he can get is a ho from italy that guy is so itzalldrama, i saw him masturbating to a nvidia graphics card.

  • weiner lips

    lips well known for the insertion of a p-n-s. tim has a well used set of weiner lips. pearson loves when he can show off his weiner lips.

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