4 o’clock Dickson

when you go home after school and take a giant sh-t.
greg: “well i think i’ll go home now… time to take a 4 o’clock d-ckson!”

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    lapstick is another term for d-ck. usually used in place of the word d-ck or p-n-s and also can be used as a nickname instead of using d-ck. thats a big -ss lapstick dawg! wasup lapstick have any plans after school?

  • 4 o'clocker

    a handicap person. represented by the wheelchair symbol where the head is the minute hand and the legs are the hour hand. 4 o’clock. i’m going 10 mph under the limit cause i’m followin’ a 4 o’clocker. the “business -n-lyst” that slips out the door 2 hours early. i’ve got an advanced degree in business […]

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